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I was terrified of slipping right back into the same routine I just escaped. I pushed you away and found distractions in empty interactions. Any time I felt you looking in, making some real connection, I would immediately run in the other direction. Not only metaphorically, but literally. So many drunken talks got too deep and I’d just flee saying “I have to pee.” I would run straight into the lips of another credulous boy, leaving you just close enough to see. I didn’t get into this with the intentions of hurting you and I wasn’t trying to test your limits. I’m sorry I never lied, it would’ve been easier that way. I’m sorry I let you see what has hurt me the most, I’m sorry that you fell in love with me.


Sasha Grey on drums

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My Serotonin levels are so fucked up right now. I’m sleepy and I don’t really have anything to lose, so I’m gonna try to do this month of sobriety thing and I have an appointment with my psychiatrist on Tuesday. I can’t decide if I”m a naturally happy person who’s just sad a lot or a sad person who has brief delusions of happiness.


Karswell Kollection c.1960s

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“ There is not one person in this world that is not cripplingly sad about something. You remember that before you open your mouth. ”

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I just like want a guy who laughs at my jokes and wants to hang out with me all the time and will make strange noises with me and brush my hair for me when I’m sad and tell me that I’m super cool and eat pizza rolls and talk about gender roles and tell me everything’s gonna be alright and drive me around when I’m feeling blue and be super cute and funny and doesn’t do too many things that annoy me and wear nice shoes and appreciates how cute my outfits are and listens to good music, but isn’t pretentious and rides his bike in the street and isn’t scared of life and has a heart as open as mine is that too much to ask for or, what?